Christmas Cards


Christmas cards are some of my favorite things.    I look forward to addressing greetings to my friends and relatives every year with vigor.   And, it is with much anticipation that I check the mailbox all throughout the month of December waiting to see who will remember to send me something this year.

Every year is different, families transition from photo cards of their children to glittery foil cards or custom family newsletters.   I love them all.   Well, I love the family newsletters less than you would think.   I have to confess, I am guilty of skimming some of the terribly long-winded ones that come from time to time.   But, I do still love them.

I hope this tradition never dies or becomes too expensive for people to maintain.   The cost of cards, the cost of postage, the time and love that it takes to get it all done.    I spend lots of time on Facebook to know that it is much easier to tag all of my friends in a holiday post than it is to send out cards.   No matter what, though.  The real, old-fashioned cards in my mailbox are the best.

Thank you to my friends that mailed me a card this year.   I appreciated it.

And, Merry Christmas to everyone!



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