Roll 26: The EXA Goes Camping

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? ? ? Yup, the EXA went camping.   If you have noticed, I hardly go anywhere without the EXA anymore.   This camera is a beast of a…

Roll 25: BELIEVE

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? For this roll, I headed back to downtown Reno to capture a temporary art installation by the river.   The “BELIEVE” letters were out on the playa of…

Sierra Sunset

Yesterday was a blustery, thunderstorm-y kind of day.   But, I know that it means to keep your eyes open for an awesome sunset.   And, Mother Nature did not disappoint.   This… Continue reading

Roll 24: Velvia in an Argus 75

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Welcome to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.    The following shots were taken at the Cave Rock boat ramp on the eastern shore with an Argus 75 on Fuji Velvia 50/120 film.…

Roll 23: The EXA in The Wild West

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If you saw my last post, the photos weren’t all that great and it was more of a film experiment than anything else.   No worries–I brought along the…

Roll 22: Re-Rolling Film

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For those of you who have been paying attention to my film fumbles, you know that I destroyed a roll of 120 film attempting to make it fit into…

Roll 21: Wasting Film

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Ugh.   I had another camera experiment weekend and killed some film.    Darnit.   There goes $9 bucks worth of Kodak Ektar on 120.   That seems really…

Roll 20: The EXA Goes to the River

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I’m still in love with the EXA.    So, it went to the Truckee River in Reno, Nevada, recently to celebrate kayaks at the Reno River Festival.   I…

Roll 19: The EXA Rides a Train

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The EXA and a roll of Kodak T-Max 100 B&W went to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City recently.    And, we all rode a very special train.…

Lake Tahoe by Kayak, Part Four

Yes, folks, I am still working on paddling my way around Lake Tahoe.   It’s a whopper goal so I didn’t really expect for it to be easy.   And, it hasn’t been.… Continue reading